About us


More than 20 years ago, American Fence Shop began operating in the Florida area: a family business with deep values, focused on customer satisfaction and determined to work along with them, to provide a different experience when selecting the company responsible for making their fences and other decorative works that can be required.

American Fence shop combines its vast experience accumulated over a lot of years satisfying the demand of residential, commercial and industrial customers, with a special focus on providing the customer not only with a service but with a totally safe and reliable experience, from the moment in which they call up until the moment when their work is fully installed.

With our company you do not have to worry about anything! American Fence Shop is responsible for providing the most professional and comprehensive advice adapted to your project, since there is no small project for us: we think about everything requested by our clients and we make it a reality greatly.

No.1 in the field
ISO Certificate 9001:2008
Service Leader

We are manufacturers

We offer a wide variety of designs for doors, stairs, fences, ornaments.

Remodeling and maintenance.

In American Fence Shop we accompany you in any phase of your project.

Personalized attention

We are always attentive to your questions and concerns.

Our Values

  • Responsibility

We recognize the duty we have to develop our services as they should be, fulfilling the client’s expectations.

  • Quality 

he excellence in our processes of material selection and installation are a part of our nature.

  •  Efficiency.

We are able to work with high standards of capacity and competence.

  • Honesty.

More than twenty years in the market are the product of the honesty we have offered not only to our clients, but to our work force too.

  • Constancy

Permanence and evolution can only occur when there is a conviction that being constant is one of growth guarantees.

  • Commitment.

There is a sense of give oneself to work pointed not by an obligation, but by an intimate commitment to do things well.

  • Dedication

The care in the manufacture and installation of our products is not part of any improvisation, but of the meticulousness and the time dedicated to each of them.

  • Discipline.

The observation and compliance with the rules and regulations determining our work guarantee the effectiveness of the final product.

  • Solidity

The firmness in our strategies for more than twenty years, with countless satisfied customers, positions us as a highly solid company.

  • Passion.

We enjoy making our clients’ dreams come true, that is why we put all our affection into fulfilling them.

Responsibility 96%
Quality 86%
Efficiency 76%
Honesty 100%
Constancy 85%
Commitment 90%
Dedicatión 100%

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